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Photo of Ron's Ride

I wanted to make sure every Harley owner knows how kick ass your products are. First off I installed the 11 1/4 shocks on my 2004 road king custom about 4 years ago and have over 40000 miles with no issues what so ever. The shocks really helped my stand over issues plus the handling. Second thing I had a brand x stabilizer on my bike and started having rear wobble at 80 to 90 mph again. After experiencing the workmanship in your shocks I ordered your Bagger Brace™ and installed in the time window you advertised. Not only did I get the handling back, I also noticed absolutely no vibration unlike the previous brand x stabilizer. My road king has 70000 miles of great riding and I am really looking forward to more long distance rides with no vibration and high speed wobble. Attached is a pic of my bike. Check out the stance, thanks to Bitchin Baggers™.

Ron, Mt. Vernon, Washington

Photo of Dave's Ride

I got my order in last week and all I can say is,Wow! The shocks are just what I was hoping for. I did the 2" drop and have 15lbs of air in them. I rode 200+ miles today and she ride a great. I am very satisfied with the service and quick turn around. Thanks guys... See the attached pic.she is bad ass!

Dave - Valdosta,GA

Photo of Jeremy's Ride

I just wanted to take a second and let you guys know how impressed with your products I am. I bought your drop shocks and a Bagger-Brace™ and I am extremely pleased with all of it. The Bagger-Brace™ does an amazing job in transforming how the bike rides and handles. Its one of those things you can hear about and read about but you do not understand until you feel it for yourself. Thanks for all your hard work and time you have put into your products !

Jeremy - Waco, TX

Photo of Steve's Ride

I know that you have a lot of positive testimonials and really do not need another, however, I just want to let you know how much I like the way the brace improved the ride on my '07 Street Glide with 28,000 miles.

The bike used to really dance across road imperfections running in the direction of travel. Changing lanes at 70 mph caused a noticeable head shake. As a longtime rider that spent a lot of time on dirt I knew it would settle down but when it happened in a corner it was a bit unnerving to me and even in a straight line it rattled my wife.

Since I also have a V-Rod I knew the difference, it is totally stable on the exact same roads and speeds. Being an engineering type I started looking at differences, wheel diameter, tire tread, etc. I knew that there was nothing all that special about my bike so I started asking questions on forums, and that is when I found out about the frame change on the '09 and newer bikes.

Like most everyone I have a ton of money and time in aftermarket and custom parts so I really did not want to just go out and buy a newer bike and start over. After doing the research on the various braces I decided that the Bagger-Brace™ looked like the best built unit and it is nearly invisible when installed.

Without changing anything else I installed the BB and what a difference! I was looking for cracks to cross and riding right down the lane division lines trying to get the bike to shake. Since this is springtime in Iowa our roads are in pretty rough shape so there are a lot of grooves to choose from. I did get it to wiggle a little but it took a pretty big gap and even then it was not uncomfortable at all.

I just want to say "Thanks guys for making a great product". Anyone that has this frame style needs one of these braces whether they know it or not.

Steve - Des Moines, Iowa

Photo of Curtis's Ride

This is Curtis from Harleyville SC after sending my shocks to phoenix customs to get a 1.25 drop . When I got them back and installed them on my 2011 flthtk all I can say is what an awesome ride they give . You are the masters of shocks , job well done.

Curtis - Harleyville, SC

Photo of Bill's Ride


just wanted to give you folks some feedback on the Bagger-Brace™. My wife bought it for my birthday in May. I have an '06 Electra Glide Classic....and this is THE best $300.00 ever spent on my bike. Your product is frickin' awesome!!! I could not believe the difference in the stability, handling, and ride with my bike. Rides and feels like a 2012. I researched all the braces, but yours in my opinion is the best design too. The complete stability envelope established by the tranny bracket and frame mount is unmatched. Thank you for the great design and improvement for the pre-2009 HD's! My buddy owns a shop in Millbury, Ohio called Rt. 51 Custom. I have recommended to him to consider becoming a dealer for your product. He does a lot of H-D business and would probably sell a crap load of these things. I hope he contacts you.

Thanks for the great product,

Bill - Elmor, OH

Photo of Bagger Brace

I installed the Bagger-Brace™ this past weekend, and I am very pleased with the product. I have a machinist background, so I am not easily impressed with the average fabrication. However, the fit and finish of the Bagger-Brace™ and the included hardware was exceptional. The installation took about an hour on my 2008 Road Glide, and 30 minutes of that was due to one oil pan bolt being difficult to access because of the frame design. The product performance was also exceptional. I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate difference in stability and general feel of the bike. I would highly recommend the Bagger-Brace™ to any Harley riders. Thank you for a great product at a fair price.

Best regards,

Roger - Nashville, TN

Photo of Bagger Brace


Just wanted to let you guys know, great service (I did have to call in), installed fairly easy and the craftsmanship is impressive.

But what I can't believe is how much this changed the way my bike handles. Well worth the money.

BTW 2003 Electra glide (police special) pushing 110hp with 14" apes and a 3" slam in the rear and it tracks better than it did before the modifications.

Thanks again.


John - Blackstone, MA

Photo of James Micono's Ride

2011 Road King with Ron's 1.5" drop in front using his dampeners and stock springs and a 1.75" drop in rear using Ron's modified stock shocks.

Another happy customer! Here are some pictures of my bike with the two inch lower shocks. It started life as a 1988 Electra Glide as you can see a lot of the touring parts are newer bags (what a job). You would have to see a stock bike to appreciate it; your shocks have given it the final touch! Thank you again for being a master of what you do!
Ride and handling are great!


James - ABQ., NM

Photo of Mike Bishop's Ride


I purchased a set of 1.5" drop shocks from you a few weeks ago for my 02 Electra Glide. I really like being closer to the ground, the ride quality and the look. The ride is firm as expected but not too firm and makes the rear of the bike very predictable.

Thanks for the great service and quality product.

Mike - Kansas City, MO

Photo of Bagger Brace

Hey Ron,

 After I talked to you about my screwed up crossmember, I let it sit for an hour, then finished the install up. I gotta say, it transformed my bike.
I'm amazed at the difference, in every way. All the little quirks the bike had are gone. I even noticed it leaving a stop. The bike takes off straight as an arrow.

You should be getting two orders from my club brothers, if you haven't already. I can stop bragging about your product, tech support, and customer service. In this day and age, you are refreshing. Mitch and Nick should be ordering soon.
Thanks for everything!

Cord - Forest Brove, OR

Photo of Shocks

Hello from WV, and hello to the smoother roads.

The shocks are great, got them installed tonight and took the bike for a Lil test drive over the hill and through the woods.
The shocks performed great had to dial in the air pressure a bit started with 20 and ended up only running 10 psi.
All I can say is thanks and my feet are on the ground, I was worried that the 3/4 of an in. Wouldn't be enough but it was perfect.
I ride with some other short guys so I'll be sure to pass on the praise of a job well done.
Thanks a TON!

Warren - Sistersville, WV
(11 inch Shocks)

Photo of Russ's Ride

Hi Ron & Stacey,

Thank you for your great service. The Bagger-Brace™ arrived and I have installed one on my Road King Classic.

Now I don't want to waffle on too much, but it is hard not to when a parcel arrives from the other side of the world in 2 weeks during the Xmas break, which is packed so well that it almost rivals the sensational product quality & engineering inside it.

The instructions are so well written and illustrated that it would allow a complete fool to do the job properly. The brace fits perfect and looks like it is meant to be there. Now for the best part ¬Ėit works. The bike is a pleasure to ride and all those terrifying wobbles are gone.

As far as I am concerned, your product is streets ahead of any opposition product I have seen & you guys have my utmost admiration on every count.

I will be dealing with you whenever possible.

Kind Regards,

Russ - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Photo of Mark's Ride

Mr. Score,

here's a few pictures of your Bagger-Brace™ installed ,¬† thanks for the fine product and the fit is superb , just follow the instructions and a little common sense and the install was a¬†breeze. Felt very stable in the corners now, and pulls straight off the line when hard on the gas, Thanks again


Photo of Bruce's Ride

Hi, You built a set of 10 3/4" shocks for my Road King over the winter. I put my first ride of 200 miles on them yesterday. I am very happy with them and would recommend you to anybody. Here is a picture of my winter project your shocks went on.

Thank you,

Bruce ¬Ė Sterling, IL

Photo of Ron's Ride

Ron and Stacey

Just wanted to say Thanks for making a brace that works !!

The Bagger-Brace™ does everything you said it would, No more wobbles in the twisting roads and no more wobbles at highway speeds when changing lanes.

Installation took about an hour with no problems.

Thanks again

Ron, Enfield Ct.

Photo of Rich's Ride

The Bagger-Brace™ works really good, I had a full tea bag and bed roll on this trip. The 80 mph wobble was gone, I also rode 300 miles last weekend with my wife on the back and she noticed a huge difference without even know I put something on to cure it. The road grooves and highway seams are cut down by 80% if not more. Great product at a great price and the front fender lowering kit received a lot of great comments.

Thanks again,

Rich, Brea, CA

Photo of Craig's Ride

Ron and Stacy,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the Bagger-Brace™. I live just below the mountains of Colorado and ride a lot of twisty roads. My 05 Road King would wander all over in the turns, especially long sweeping turns. I had to do something so I researched many different stabilizers, all do basically the same thing, but I thought the Bagger-Brace™ design was far superior to the others in that it spreads the load on the transmission out over a larger area than all the others.¬† I have a friend that is a machinist he was impressed with the workmanship of the brace. The install was easy, instructions were clear and as for the ride. It's GREAT, no more wobble, turns are tight and steady, this is one of the best additions you can make to your bagger!

Craig, Loveland, CO

Photo of Bagger Brace

I called Phoenix Custom's the Tuesday after the 2010 Labor Day weekend, trying to get some help for my 07 Ultra Classic. I was planning a Friday departure to the mountains of West Virginia. The lady on the phone, (Stacy, I assume), told me I'd have my Bagger-Brace™ by Thursday. I was extremely happy to hear that, as I was planning to install it Thursday night. When I realized it was already Tuesday, I thought we might encounter a problem. I called her back Wednesday morning and she was already "in the process" of getting my delivery handled. Much to my satisfaction, my Bagger-Brace™ was in my hands before noon on Thursday.

After the (1 hour as advertised) installation, I was on my way to a 600 mile run of interstate, mountain switchbacks, high bank turns and touring in general.  I'm a little disappointed that I've waited so long, because now it feels like a new bike. No more holding my breath thru the sweepers, waiting for the "shimmy" to start. The tar strips have disappeared, along with all the other ill handling traits. Now I'm free to carve up some road without worrying about how my bikes going to react,

Thank you for your prompt service, attention to detail, and keeping your word,

Frank, Linthicum Heights, MD

Photo of Ron's Ride

Hi Ron,

Installed the Bagger-Brace™ on my 2008 CVO Screamin¬í Eagle and it works like a charm!

Thank you.

Ron M., Temecula, CA

Photo of Keith's Ride

Thank's Ron and Stacey fo all of the help for my shocks on my Nightster !!!!!! They not only ride good , they look even better !

Thank's again!!!

Keith - Moline, IL

Photo of Michael's Ride

Hi Ron and Stacy,

I arrived home a few days ago. Your Bagger-Brace™ was waiting at the post office,where I had to pay 50 euros for Spanish import duty. That was expected, and still makes your brace very good value. I straightened out a little knock in my cross member, installed the Bagger-Brace™ without any problems, and immediately took the bike out. I'm always a little wary of those glorious affadavits, but I'll now add to them. I felt the bike to be tauter right away, and hitting a couple of high speed corners I know well, actually felt confident with the line of the bike, where in the past I'd have felt a little anxious, knowing I'd have to fight the thing round the bend!

Simple theory, very well executed. This is the best money I've spent on this bike to date.

Many thanks.

Michael - Malaga, Spain

Photo of Wyatt's Ride


After installing the Bagger-Brace™ on my 01 Screamin Eagle Road Glide I wanted to give you my feedback on your product. From the moment I left the driveway the bike immediately felt stiffer. I then took the bike through the local local canyons for the real test. The rear of the bike felt like it was on rails and tracking improved greatly. The products was also easy to install, and extremely well made and strong. Thanks also for the great customer support you gave me.

Thanks again,


Photo of Bagger Brace

Well I put on the Bagger-Brace™ by Phoenix Customs yesterday evening on my 2008 SG. WOW, what a product! Great precision manufacturing and very solid design. Very nice black anodized finish and sharp engraving. Pretty is one thing...However, it fit EXACTLY like it was advertised to fit (THAT was a nice surprise). Instructions were perfect! How many times does that happen??? I am not a wrench, but I can turn one, so I need pictures and detailed instructions...there they were...IN COLOR, IN THE BOX AND on the net. Did the whole job in about an hour taking my sweet time (and alone). Did 99% of the install while the bike was on the kick stand, then put the bike on my small lift and finished the connecting with a little help from my assistant/wife. I have to say, this is an excellent product. To test it, I took the bike down a hwy that has pesky groves that always make my bike squirrely, I had to look back...I thought they had fixed the road...nope Bagger-Brace™ just fixed the bike...

Of course, I know there are several products available that accomplish this stabilization, and I don't usually carry on such about a product, but all I know is this product was easy to use, did what it said, and you don't have to be a Certified Mechanic to accomplish the job. Thanks Phoenix Customs.


Rob - Hendersonville, TN

Photo of Bagger Brace


Received my shocks today. I put them on the bike and went for a nice long bumpy road test ride. All I can say is "YOU ARE THE MAN". I was a little afraid that they'd be too stiff. To be honest, I think they ride better than the HD Low Profile shocks that I paid $100.00 more than yours cost me. I am pleased as pleased can be, and I will spread the word.

Thanks again,

Stan - Pawcatuck, CT

Photo of Bagger Brace


The shocks arrived on Saturday...first time the post office has ever gotten something to me that quickly. I installed the shocks and WOW, what a difference they make in the way the bike feels. I can stand up and straddle the bike and it feels much lighter now. Please pass to Ron that his recommendation for the amount of lowering was spot on. I also received the HD front lowering kit that Ron recommended, can't wait to get it installed and see what it does for the feel of the bike. Thank you for the great product and customer service.


Sandy - Waipahu, HI

Photo of Dave's Ride

Hi Stacy and Ron

I wanted to email you to thank you for the great service and advice about the correct shocks to put on my wifes bike. My wife is 5'6" and weighs about 150. She had a 2009 Sportster 1200 Custom that we bought last May that she put 11000 miles by the time we traded it in on a 2010 StreetGlide. We had the front lowered on the StreetGlide as part of the deal, installed a reach seat, and then purchased and installed the 11" shocks from you guys. I'm sending you this email not only to thank you but to encourage others that need their bike lowered that this the best way to go. My wife has both feet firmly planted on the ground and says she is more comfortable on the new StreetGlide than she was on the Sportster after the first 500 miles! My wife is 48 years old and started riding last April after taking the MSF course. I have attached a photo.

Thanks again!!

Dave - Fowler, Ohio

Photo of Stan's Ride

Dear Ron & Stacy,

I installed the new shocks which you lowered 1 1/2" the day I received them also the Bagger-Brace™. I feel like I have a new HD Ultra. I could not believe the difference it made in the way the bike handles and the performance on the curves. I recommend it to everyone I ride with. Before I lowered the bike I dropped it 3 time, once with my wife on the back. These happened when I was parking the bike. I have a 29" inseam and had trouble handling it while parking or moving it in and out of the garage. Not anymore thanks to you guys. It took about an hour to install the brace and would recommend it be done on a lift as I had trouble getting the wrench in the oil pan bolts. You need a short wrench and a longer one to do the job. Really not that bad.

Thank you for all your help.

Stan - Otway OH

Photo of Bagger Brace

I had to write to you guys and let you know I just received the brace and the quality of the part is kick ass!!! keep up the awesome job!

Anthony - North Ogden, UT

Photo of Jerrick's Ride

Phoenix Customs,

Your 2.5 inch drop put the final touch to a custom look! Stacey Score is a true professional and made my Phoenix Customs' experience easy! Thanks you guys.

A True Customer,

Jerrick - Chula Vista, CA

Photo of Bagger Brace


The order arrived today so naturally I had to install it and go for a test ride. What a difference in the ride! I can stuff the bike into a turn and no more wobble, awesome product.


John -

Photo of

The reports are true. The Bagger-Brace™ is a precision machined device that fits like a glove. The quality of the product is excellent. The customer service from Phoenix Customs was also excellent. I ordered my brace late in the day on a Tuesday. It was on my porch on the Friday of the same week.

The Bagger-Brace™ install took about an hour. The install would have taken less time but I kept getting up for another tool because I didn't take the time to get organized before starting the work. Some of the bolts for the engine pan require a long Allen wrench to reach and to gain clearance through holes in the frame cross member. I would have liked to know that ahead of time, but the shade tree mechanic in me jumped to the rescue. Allen wrenches with vice grips; how cool is that? All the parts fit together with ease. My wife held the bike upright while I aligned the brace member. Overall, it was an easy install.

I was pleased to find that the brace bracket that bolts to the engine does hang down lower than the engine pan, but it does not hang lower than the frame cross member. In my estimation there is no sacrifice of road clearance. The installed unit cannot be seen from the left side of the bike. Some of the engine pan bracket is visible from the right side of the bike, so the color choice is important.

I took a test ride after the install. It must have been important since it delayed dinner. The test ride was mind bending because I cannot figure out how a rear engine brace takes the wobble out of the bike. I did not realize how much the bike wobbled before. The test ride included several miles of twisties and some freeway. The bike performed like a different machine. It found a groove through the turns and did not vary from it. I used to have to make adjustments through most turns because of slight wobble, especially when the road was rough or grooved. I was not confident the bike would hold the turns before. On the freeway I got behind a semi at 70 MPH. I did not expect any difference in this riding situation, but the buffeting from the truck air wash was there but the bike did not wobble through the head set. The bike was locked on straight. It was the same when I passed the truck through the side air wash. There was the normal buffeting but no wobbling. The side wind did not cause the bike to slide sideways either. The change in handling is amazing. It is way beyond what I expected. Now it feels like the front and rear of the bike are solidly connected. It is a good feeling.

Rod, Puyallup, WA
2008 Ultra Classic

Photo of


Installed your Bagger-Brace™ and took the bike out for a ride this weekend. Unbelievable. Since the Ultra Classic is my first touring bike, I never realized how bad the handling & wallowing really was. The difference with the BB is like night and day. It is a whole new bike that actually handles now. I'm really glad I installed this, especially since I'm bringing her down to the Dragon in two weeks.

Thanks again,

Jon - Cambridge, Ontario - Canada

Photo of

Ron & Stacey,

Received My Shocks Friday Put Them On Saturday And Have Been

Loving The Look Ever Since ! Not To Mention I Can Now Put Both Feet Flat On The Ground. Also Your Service And Prices Are Tops.


Bob San Ramon, CA

P.S. Stacey Thanks For Being So Patient And Helpful With My Phone Calls.

Photo of

Hi Stacey-

I just wanted to say THANKS for the very insightful information on your Bagger-Brace product... It's truly Bitchin. I have been researching the different products on the market and you were well-informed and fantastic to work with. My 07' FLHX is stronger and more true to the line you're riding. The installation was simple and took roughly an hour to complete. I've been preaching this product to all my bagger buddies.

Portland, OR

Photo of Bagger Brace

Hi Ron & Stacey,

Installing the brace was as easy as you described. Jane and I just finished a four day ride around the northern part of the state with our '07 Ultra Classic fully loaded (yes, we also carry a bag on top of the Tour Pak). As you can imagine, a squirrelly rear end is just something I've been living with while riding 2up. Not anymore! I don't care what manner of bad road we hit the Bagger-Brace™ held the bike in a straight line all the time. Jane even noticed how good the ride was sitting up high in the back. I have been talking up the brace to everyone I run into. Great job on a great product.


Wayne - Arizona

Photo of

Hi Ron and Stacey

I have to say, that I have never been more impressed with a product more than I am now with your Bagger-Brace™. The price, quality, and design all in a nice little package that can not be beat. I have looked at many others and found yours to be the best design out of all of them hands down. I like others was a little doubtfull that it would make a difference. But, I can honestly say it does. I had ridden a 2003 Goldwing and a 2005 CBR 600 sport bike before I got the 2007 Ultra I have now, and was a little upset to find the the Ultra handled like a washtub on wheels (not to say all of them do, but mine did) and had a bad wobble on the interstate when passing trucks, or trucks passing us, and in turns it would feel like the rearend was moving around a lot. It made life a little unsettaling to say the least and would keep me under 75 mph on the interstate and make me worry when leaned over in a simple turn if the rear end was going to give way going at less than normal speeds (35 and below on the Blue Ridge Parkway).

All that has changed now drastically. We just returned from the Smokey Mountains in NC being as we live in Columbia SC and dont have many twisties so to say, and all the twisty turney roads and interstate riding has made a true believer out of both me and my wife. Its nice to run down the highway and pass trucks and never get blown to the other side of the interstate or get buffed by the wind. On the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina It took took turns like it was made for them. Gone is the rearend moving around and wobble it had while in a simple turn.

I could go on and on with this, but I just have to say....I am very impressed and very highly pleased with the way the bike rides and handles now. I know that many readers of the reviews on this item will be in the same frame of mind that I was, but let me say this...I was going to sell the bike if it didnt improve with this item and go back to a goldwing for the handling that it had when in the mountains. After installing the brace and riding it now I will be keeping it for a good long time.

In closing I have to say thank you for taking the time and effort to solving a problem and creating a very nice looking and very functional part that should have been been on the bike to begin with.

Thanks agian
James and Nancy - Columbia SC

Photo of

Hi Ron & Stacey,

I put the brace on my 03 Ultra Classic and just put it to the test. I've looked at all the others and yours just makes more sense, your brace offers more contact surface and really works. Thank you for the fast service and your helpful hints with my application questions. I just showed off the brace to some fellow riders I've met on the road. Keep the wind in your face and ride safe,

Jeff - Wickenburg, AZ

Photo of Bagger Brace

Just wanted to tell you what I thought of the Bagger-Brace™. I received the product in a few days as promised. Had it installed at my local independent shop the next day. I was skeptical about the review I had read in which someone claimed that they could tell the difference in handling just riding out of the installation shop. Well I am here to tell you that I also noticed the difference immediately upon leaving the shop where I had mine installed.

It is hard to describe but the suspension felt distinctly tighter and the low speed handling was/is much more precise. I even scraped the floorboards for the first time on this bike (an '08 Road Glide) while riding it home that day. I have about 4000 miles on the bike since the installation about six weeks ago and many of those miles were on a trip through the Rockies.

Montana, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming. Several mountain passes and a few very curvy roads including Highway 12 in Idaho over Lolo Pass. I will say that the wobble that used to scare me when attempting aggressive cornering is completely gone. Even if I hit a bump mid-corner. I can carve a turn very aggressively now and have a feeling of complete control. I have hit the dollar sign in speed a couple times and the bike is very stable now. Used to have a slight rear end dance that worsened as I increased speed above 100.

Gone! At times I feel almost like I am riding a sport bike. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the Bagger-Brace™ and will highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. Thanks for the great product and for the great service.

Guy, Bismarck, N.D.

Photo of Mike's Ride

Hi Guys:

Let me tell you about my "Sunday Rides".

I ride with 5 - 6 1000 cc or better rice rockets ridden by guys who know how to ride them to their limits. They routinely get up over 140 -150 mph. Our rides are around 120 to 160 miles in some of the best riding roads I have ever had the pleasure to ride on. Northern Florida and Sothern Alabama have some awesome two lane roads that are sparsely populated and run through rolling hills with nice sweeping turns and they are smooth....

My bike would start to wobble at 85 and up whenever I was throwing it into a corner, Letting up on the throttle and braking to slow prior to entering a corner, or flat out passing over the painted lines on the road. It is no fun hanging on when it starts doing that. Most times I can just ride it out but on several occasions it was downright scary as hell...

On my first couple rides in town after installing it I was pleased with the noticeable handling improvements at low speed. It just feels steadier under hard acceleration and hard braking. I want to say more rigid but that sounds like it changed the suspension but the ride is as good as it was before it just feels more solid. No more vibration than before.

So off we go on our Sunday ride. Once out of town and on the back roads the boys tear off and the chase is on. I get up to 80 + and start to rolling it on and "feeling" things out. The speed wobble is all but gone. I was over 110 five or six times and it was much more stable. Before it was a little nervy getting over 100. This thing comes with confidence. If you owned a touring bike and ride it over 75 than you need one of these Bagger-Braces™. After a 155 mile ride it is like having a new bike.

Best money I have spent on my bike yet, hands down

Life is Short,,,,,,,Enjoy the Ride!!!!!!!

.......HarleyMike....... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Thanks again for an awsome improvement to my ride.
Mike, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Photo of Phillip's Ride

Wow. Love the new shocks. It's amazing the difference that the 10.75 shocks have made. Both feet flat on the ground!

Best Regards,
Phillip, Evergreen Park, IL

Photo of Michael's Ride

Ron, thanks for the brace. It went in perfect without any adjusting what-so-ever ! The machine work is the best and the design is so simple, it's just spot on. The whole job was done within a half hour. Bikes have been in my life and shop for over 45 years, and I just wanted to thank you for being a real tradesman.

Michael, Dexter, Michigan

Photo of Johnny's Ride

I received my 2008 air shocks and popped 'em on my 2009 Nightster!

Super easy. I just want to thank you for all your help on the phone with getting what I needed and even with how to put them on. I love the look, and the ride is waaaaaaay better!

Johnny, Los Angeles, CA

Photo of Joe's Ride

Hey Folks,
Just wanted to let ya'll know how pleased I am with your brace , it has noticeable difference in braking, and the hihg speed woble, it is a great product and very reasonable in price, I took a chance on your brace and am very pleased that I did , GREAT WORK.

Thanks, Joe in FL.

Photo of Todd's Ride

The drop brackets and no rivets look good on my bike...


Thanks, Todd, Georgia

Photo of Ty's Ride

Hi Ron & Stacey,

I installed a set of your 10.75 drop shocks on my '09 Roadking and since then I also did a 2" fork drop & a front fender slam.The bike is low and looks great!! I have been getting the word out about your products as I am a very happy customer and I look forward to doing more business with BITCHIN BAGGERS in the future.


Ty - Janesville, Wisconsin

Photo of Bagger Brace

Hi Ron & Stacey,

Let me first tell you a little about my bike. It's a well ridden '02 Ultra Classic with 78,000 miles. I say this so that you'll know I am very familiar with all the quirks and twitches regarding its handling. I can't say that it was bad, it was just one of those things that you get used to compensating for if you ride an H-D dresser. As far as myself, I am one of the worlds biggest pessimists. I am hard to convince of anything and skeptical of every product claim until proven otherwise.

A good friend of mine received one of your Bagger-Braces™ a couple weeks ago and showed it to me before he installed it. Both of us are manufacturing engineers and we were impressed with the robust construction of the unit. Fit and finish were top notch and the concept seemed sound. We had both been researching the various fixes for our wobbles for some time. Your unit seemed a top choice for function and price. I ordered one the same day I saw his.

I live on a pretty curvy stretch of road and I know exactly what to expect from my bike in the twisty's. Felt like a different bike. I was amazed. I would say that the brace has eliminated 90% of the ill handling traits that my dresser had and the remainder I could attribute to the general weight and suspension of the bike. The bike tracks straight and true now. I never realized how accustomed I had become to compensating for its wobbles. All gone now and rides like a different machine. I wouldn't take that brace off for my money back, no way. Thanks for a great product and something that makes my bike safer and more fun to ride.


Brady, Hartselle, AL

Photo of Bagger Brace

Hi Ron & Stacey,

Last fall I bought a new 09 Classic and installed a 1" lowering kit on the front and Street Glide shocks on the rear. At 5'4" if you know anything about the Harley Davidson 09 touring bikes getting your feet on the ground, it just isn't enough. After talking to Stacy I decieded to have my original shocks lowered 1-1/2" and that did the trick. My wife and I ride 2-up all the time and I just can't believe how great the bike rides, and it handles better than new because the lower center of gravity. If anyone is sitting on the fence about lowering their bike, they need to just get it done, and your system is the only way to go. Thanks for everything.


Steve and Jan - Murfreesboro, TN

Photo of Bagger Brace

Hey Ron,

I installed your Bagger-Brace™ on my '01 FLHT that makes almost 140 HP. This thing is awesome! From the machine work & fit to the functionality works great. If you own a bagger, this is a must.


Lonnie, Elk City, Oklahoma

Photo of Bagger Brace

Dear Stacey,

First I would like to thank you for world class service, fast shipping, and accurate order processing. As a retired military naval engineer, I have spent many an hour in a precision machine shop inspecting and approving parts to be used on board ship. When I opened the box and removed the parts I was impressed with the quality of the black anodizing, the precision fit and finish of the pieces. Real aircraft quality work.

It's been three weeks since I installed the Bagger-Brace™ now. I had a hell of a time doing it because my dealer had crushed the cross member up against the oil pan. After struggling with the cross member for nearly an hour, I was able to finally install the brace. As soon as I pulled out of my driveway I noticed a big difference. I really noticed an improvement in pulling my trailer (attached picture). The actual installation was very easy and straight forward. Makes you wonder why MOCO never thought about this. But then again, the price would have been double.

Thanks for a quality product,

CWO3 Michael Hudson, USCG (ret)
Deerfield Beach, Florida

Photo of Bagger Brace

Hey Ron & Stacey,

Recieved my Brace yesterday installed last night and riding today it's great. I noticed a differance as soon as I started up almost no vibration through the handle bars feels better than new when riding its tight again. Anyone that rides a Bagger needs this.


Greg, St. Augustine Fl

P.S. Thanks for the fast service 2 days.

Photo of Bagger Brace

Just wanted to let you know that I installed my Bagger-Brace™ and got in a short ride.

There was such a great improvement in handling I am amazed! The best description I can come up with is that before the Brace it felt like the rear tire was underinflated and now we are on RAILS. The wife loves it, also.

Thanks for a great product.

Thank you,

Tony & Nicki, West Valley City, UT

Photo of Bagger Brace

Great product!! I installed the Bagger-Brace™ on my '08 Ultra Classic this week. The squirreliness in the rearend is gone and It handles like a different bike!! Fantastic craftmanship and easy installation. Anyone with a pre '09 Harley should have this product!!

Thank you,

Scott - Broken Arrow, OK

Photo of Mark's in Vernon Indiana Ride

Hey Ron and Stacey,

Thanks so much for all your help in getting my new ride setting the way i needed it. lowered the front 1" and you took my shocks down to 10.75".you guys are the greatest will be telling everybody in my area about your shock program.


Photo of Bagger Brace

Hey Stacey,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product and your first class service! I had one of your 'rivals' stablilizing systems before yours, and I can honestly say, the fit, finish and function of the Bagger-Brace™ wins hands down!

Thanks again,

Frank, Australia

Photo of Mark's Ride

Stacey & Ron,

Just finished installation of your Bagger-Brace™ and 2" Lowering Shocks and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Bike handles like a dream and looks fantastic. Thanks!

Mark, Missouri City, TX

Photo of Bagger Brace


The design, concept, material, ease of installation, and cost made this product an easy choice.

I installed and tested the Bagger-Brace™. Here is my review: Concept is excellent; Design is excellent; Quality of the manufacturing is excellent; Installation was 50 minutes without setting up the necessary tools; Instructions were clear and concise with color illustrations; Cost was 25% below market value. Road Test Results: 119 mph on straight highway with head wind, handling was absolute; reverse grade twisties at 75 mph (floor boards scraping), handling was absolute; traveled 50 miles with 30 - 35 mph crosswinds, handling was absolute. I am impressed with the much improved handling characteristics of my 2007 FLHRSE 3 since the install of the Bagger-Brace™.

Thank you,

Bill, Las Vegas, NV

Photo of Steve's Ride


I got the Bagger-Brace™ today and installed it tonight. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this product. Very nice work!!!!!!!! After the install I took it for a ride and could tell a difference as soon as I started the bike. I have the 103 kit in my bike along with a performance cam, and the motor shook quite a bit before the brace was installed. The Bagger-Brace™ cut down on a good bit of the shaking. I could tell this both in the feel and by looking at the mirrors. Out on the road I could feel the difference in the bike the first time I whipped the bars left and right. The bike felt like it had a new frame in it, and it was much more responsive. Into the turns the bike felt very solid and stable with increased responsiveness. My bike is an '08 model which already has the double front cross braces. I wasn't sure how much of a difference I would feel on the '08, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for an AWESOME product at a great price!!!!!!!

Steve, Millersville, PA

Photo of Blaine's Ride in Canada

Hey Bitchin-Baggers,

Installed Bagger-Brace™ on my '06 FLHX and I'm absolutely blown away by the improvement in ride/handling/stability. Bike now feels like it's on "rails" with precise steering and solid tracking. I now rate this as my #1 performance mod, period. Easy install and the quality/fit/finish of the precision machined components was perfect. An outstanding original design at a reasonable price with great customer service...doesn't get any better. Bagger-Brace™ is one kick ass product and I challenge anyone to give it a'll be amazed at the transformation!


Blaine, Canada

Photo of Bagger Brace


Sorry I'm late giving you some feedback on your Bagger-Brace™. As a designer and engineer by trade, I was first impressed by the simplicity of the design. After laying my hands on the unit, I was even more taken by the execution of fabrication and the ease of installation everything fit like a glove! The final test, performance, also passed with flying colors. I'm touting this device to all my bagger-driving pals and hope it will facilitate additional sales.

Thanks for the great product; I look forward to doing more business in the future.


Dave, Newport News, VA

Photo of Bagger Brace


Life on my 2008 Street Glide is not the same since I added your Bagger-Brace™ and custom lowered shocks! Now, when I lay into the throttle, the back wheel digs in and devours asphalt, now my 103 C.I. motor eats the road!! No more bagger wobble either. Before the brace and with my tour pack, my junk would go into sidewinder mode at high speeds. Not any more, it's just smooth riding! I will recommend your shocks and Bagger-Brace™ to anyone looking for the ultimate smooth ride and custom look.


Parra in KC

Photo of Ron's Ride

Hi Ron,

Been traveling, and I finally got the shocks installed and rode with them today. My wife and I put about 250 miles on them and they do EXACTLY like you said. The ride is the same a s the original but the center of gravity is lower on the Ultra and it now handles like my Fatboy! I ran them with 40 psi and no harsh ride or bottoming. I'm extremely pleased and if you have anyone sitting on the fence about these give them my email and tell them to contact me.


Ron F.

Photo of Bagger Brace


I rode to Payson yesterday and I have to tell you the Bagger-Brace™ you installed on my bike made a substantial difference. The bike cornered better and seemed to ride in a much truer sense, the decision to install this device on my bike has been one I do not regret. I would and have recommend this product to any one riding a bagger or touring model Harley as it greatly improves handling and cornering over the current design. I noticed a difference the first turn I made when I was leaving your facility and then coming down from Payson the adjustment gave me much improved handling characteristics on down hill corners.

Thanks for putting the time and thought into designing this device as it increases safety as well. Should you need to contact me you have my contact information provided below.

Kind regards,

Phil C.

Photo of Chuck's Ride

In April of 2008 I sent Phoenix customs a pair of 13" shocks and requested that Ron cut them down for me, which came back as 11" shocks. After installing them on my new 2008 Street Glide, I then lowered the front 1". I have since put a little over 500 miles on the bike and every mile has been great. The bike handles better than stock. The lower center of gravity makes the bike handle like its on rails, I have excellent control in curves and the floor boards don't drag one bit. I'd tell anyone even thinking about slamming a bagger, don't hesitate, but don't make the mistake of investing in offset brackets, call Ron. This mod just might be the best thing I have done to my ride yet.

Photo of Dale's Ride

Hi Ron,

Another happy customer! Here are some pictures of my bike with the two inch lower shocks. It started life as a 1988 Electra Glide as you can see a lot of the touring parts are newer bags (what a job). You would have to see a stock bike to appreciate it; your shocks have given it the final touch! Thank you again for being a master of what you do!

Thanks for the GREAT JOB,


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