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Drop Shocks - Custom Built OEM Air Shocks for Harley-Davidson Touring Models

Drop Shocks - Example 1

You have come to the right place. Here at Phoenix Customs we have years of experience customizing the factory Showa air shocks that come stock on all the touring models. These are the only shocks we do. We invented this process and are the only company that performs it.

We Custom build each set of shocks according to the customer's specific model, rider and passenger weight and bikes intended use whether it be touring, bar hoping or show, and best of all you choose the length of the shock. The standard length shock is 12.75 from eye to eye, We typically lower them from 1" to 2.5".

We disassemble each shock and inspect them internally for wear. Modifications are then made to meet each customer's request for length and ride quality. They are then reassembled using new oil and seals. Our modifications are made the same way that the factory made them, no cutting, re-welding or hocus-pocus just straight forward reliable manufacturing processes.

These Phoenix-Customs shocks are arguably the best available at any price. They are very durable, long lasting and trouble free. They retain air adjustability and except for the length appear identical to the stock shock and go back on your bike exactly like they came off.

Phoenix Customs does not do coil over shocks like those found on the Dyna and Sportster models.

Drop Shocks - Example 2

Benefits of Phoenix Customs Shocks

  • Very affordable, prices start at only $175.00
  • Safe, Durable
  • Tire absolutely will not rub your fender, burn up your paint or wiring harness
  • Retains air adjustability
  • Lowest ride height of any shock available
  • Lowers seat height
  • Improves Handling and Stability
  • Improves Looks
  • Easy to install, takes less than 30 min, no special tools required

Other Advantages to Our Custom Built Shocks

Phoenix Customs shocks are the only air shocks available that can actually be ridden low, the pricey adjustable air ride kits are cool if you want to lower your bike in the parking lot but when you hit the road you have to air them up or you will be constantly bottoming out. With our shocks you are always at the right height, on the road or parked and you can adjust the air pressure to compensate for the varying weight of passengers, luggage and road conditions WITHOUT changing the height of the bike, the advantages of this type of air shock is that when your bike is low it handles and corners much better and always has the "look" whether your hanging out or on a ride. This is the safest most reliable and cost effective method of lowering your Bagger.

A Word About Lowering Brackets

The use of shock relocating brackets should never be considered! Over half of our customers have come to us because of problems encountered from the use of these types of lowering devices. Phoenix Customs does mechanical design and machining, we could easily make these brackets ourselves but frankly I would be embarrassed to attach my name to that junk and even more embarrassed to ask you to attach it to your Harley.

Dangers of using shock relocating brackets

  • Changes critical shock angle causing rough ride.
  • Stability issues and increased bagger wobble.
  • Can cause the lower shock eyelet to break off.
  • The brackets often times break from flex and fatigue caused by increased shock angle.
  • Clearance issues with bags due to increased shock angle
  • Allows tire to come in contact with fender, VERY UNSAFE, if you're lucky it only burns up your tire, the paint on your fender and the tail light wiring harness.
DropEye to Eye LengthTravelRecommendation
2.50"for 2up w/tour pac/trailer
2.25"for 2up w/tour pac/trailer
2.00"for 2up w/tour pac
1.75"for 2up w/tour pac
(Most Popular Drop for 2up)
1.50"for 1up, occasional 2up
1.25"for 1up, w/tour pc
1.00"Bar hopping or show
0.75"Bar hopping or show

Four convenient ways to order:
  • Modify customer supplied shocks $175.00 a set
  • Modified shocks (cores included) $315.00 a set (when available)
  • Heavy Duty Modified shocks (cores included) $340.00 a set
  • Brand new set of Dropped Shocks $475.00 a set

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Shock Removal and Shipping Instructions
Shock Drop Shipping Form

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