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The Most effective Drivetrain Stabilizer for Your Harley-Davidson® Touring Model Available!

Fits 1996 through 2008
Touring Models

Benefits the Bagger-Brace™ Offers:
  • Eliminates Bagger Wobble.
  • Zero-Flex Design.
  • Increases stability in turns.
  • Increases stability in side winds.
  • Decreases Bike's tendency to follow grooves and cracks in road.
  • Does not transfer engine vibration to the Chassis.
  • It is the ONLY stabilizer made that fits completely inside the envelope of the frame. It does not hang outside or below the frame, virtually unnoticeable.
  • Will not damage or crack your frame.
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum with an anodized finish (Finish is available in a black or clear anodize).
  • Easily installed in about 45 minutes.
Bagger Brace Example 1 Bagger Brace Example 2 Bagger Brace Example 3 Bagger Brace Example 1 Bagger Brace Black
Bagger Brace Example
Bagger-Brace Only $299

The Bagger-Brace™ with Zero-Flex design was engineered from the ground up using the latest Cad software and produced on our CNC equipment. It's not just another copy of a weak over priced design.

Every detail ensures the Bagger-Brace™ is the strongest, safest, best fitting drivetrain stabilizer available. The Bagger-Brace™ has been thoroughly engineered for rigidity, longevity and cost.

The Bagger-Brace™ has many design features that allow for maximum strength yet compact enough that it fits completely inside the frame.

It does not extend below or beyond the sides of the frame. Once installed it is virtually invisible. It does not have any extended levers or arms that flex and can drag the road when corning. The Bagger-Brace™ works with even the lowest of lowered bikes.

The cross section of the engine brace is over two times as thick as any other made. The mounting point of the stabilizer link is placed centrally over the engine brace mounts as to evenly spread the load and stresses. The unique design of our cross member mounting system transfers the stresses from the cross member directly to the frame rails, preventing damage to the cross member and chassis.

The Bagger-Brace™ allows the drivetrain to work in harmony with the chassis the way its rubber mounted system was designed. Unlike the devices some sell that replace the OEM rubber mounts with bearings or hard plastic pucks that remove the dampening effect and allow uncomfortable drivetrain vibration to be transferred to the chassis, seat and handle bars.

Unlike other designs the Bagger-Brace™ was engineered to exceed the strength required to control side to side loads even for the biggest motors, aggressive riders, the heaviest loads and trailer towing.

There are a lot of gimmicks and semi effective products out there. Most are copies of the True-Track™ design. The Bagger-Brace™ is uniquely engineered and is the only product that truly does what the others claim to do.

Why does the Bagger-Brace™ look so different? Innovation and Engineering, not Imitation. The bottom line is all that is needed is a simple way to connect the rear of the motor to the frame. Others have made elaborate even artful devices that have so many parts that in some cases only add cost and actually hurt the performance of their product.

Don't be fooled by the price; we could ask $400.00 or more like the others, but the Bagger-Brace™ was designed first for strength and second for cost so every bagger owner could benefit from the safety and performance that only the Bagger-Brace™ offers.

The Bagger-Brace™ was engineered and is built in America in our facility on our CNC equipment. This allows us 100% control over design, production, quality and cost.

Get the Bagger-Brace™ for $299.00

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